About is a League of Legends video platform that buffs Twitch streams and VODs with in-game data. Built by a pair of platinum League players, we wanted to create a richer League of Legends viewing experience with embedded information that is often asked for in stream chats. Now you can filter live streams, search recorded VODs, and follow your favorite NA & EU LCS players.

If you enjoy what we've built, we'd appreciate if you'd bookmark this site, turn off your adblocking service since the streamers make money from the embedded Twitch video ads, donate to our Patreon to help us cover hosting expenses and play our beta for the game we've been developing for the past year Terminal Heist.

Live Streams

With our system, you can filter live Twitch streams by game status, region, rank, champ and game time, while also being about to preview who else is playing in the same game. Beneath streams, you can review current game data, runes & masteries, see recent games and browse organized VODs for that streamer. Unfortunately due to API restrictions we currently can't support the Garena and PBE servers. Our focus is on improving the viewing experience for individual streamers, not LCS or tournament games that you can follow on or r/loleventvods.

Game VODs

We've created an automated system that indexes individual game VODs after they've been streamed. You can filter based on almost any criteria (champ, matchup, teammates, streamer, rank, region, result, game length, side, patch) to find the perfect VOD. This is an epic tool to learn how to better play champs that we've been using to climb the ranks. The system is based on recorded Twitch videos, so they're only available for 2-8 weeks before Twitch deletes them.

LCS Scouting

After spending a split this season playing daily fantasy esports, we realized that we could use as a scouting platform to analyze weekly streaming performances by LCS players. This section requires a lot of manual support, so we're currently only featuring NA & EU players, since it would be a nightmare to maintain all the regions.

What's Next?

We're interested in expanding our platform to include more Twitch user features, beefing up our LCS section with split stats, and rolling out some new services that we know you'll love. If you have any good ideas, don't hesitate to contact us!

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